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Message from the President of the Sri Lanka College of Endocrinologists

Dr Niranjala Meegoda Widanege


It is with much humility and respect to all that I assume the presidency of the Sri Lanka College of Endocrinologists (SLCE) this year. I consider it a great honour and privilege you all have bestowed on me. I thank you wholeheartedly for the confidence you have placed in me in doing so.

Our College has reached very high levels of acceptance and performance ever since it was established with the late much respected Prof. Carlo Fonseka as the founder president. The heights the College has reached by now is a tribute to the dedicated services of the successive presidents, their councils and the enthusiasm shown by our ever-increasing membership. It is my duty and determination to see that the College does even more to make 2024 

A year of noteworthy achievement.

While there is an increasing awareness about the wide range of endocrine diseases affecting mankind, I consider it of paramount importance to address the issues in dealing with the worsening epidemic of Diabetes afflicting us in the South Asian region. It is unfortunate that our people have still not well understood the need for a change in lifestyle to prevent the onset of diabetes and the need for continued medication and constant monitoring after diagnosis. Many are ignorant of the life-threatening nature and life long disabilities that could result.

As has been done over the years, we shall focus this year too on educating the medical profession and improving public awareness of all these aspects. It has to be a well coordinated effort to overcome the challenges facing us. This is a collective effort of all the endocrinologists and other members of our college.

As usual, we shall work in collaboration with many International and local Associations and Colleges in the country with common interests of keeping the membership updated and the general public well informed.

This year the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) and international Society of Endocrinology (ICE) are our collaborative partners for SLENDO, our main annual conference.

As the president of the SLCE, I solemnly pledge to give leadership to the wide array of activities planned this year and do justice to the immense faith you placed in me in accepting me as your president.

Let’s work together to achieve the very best.

Thank you.


Message from the Secretary of the Sri Lanka College of Endocrinologists

The Sri Lanka College of Endocrinologists has set high standards in academic activities with the ambition of upgrading the knowledge of Diabetes and Endocrine Disorders among medical professionals. We have lined up many local and international academic activities throughout this year to achieve this, including SLENDO 2023. We hope that most of you will join us and reap the maximum benefit from our academic events.

Dr Dayakshi Abeyaratne